Linker og litteratur

Anbefalt litteratur:


  • Den store kaninboka (2010), forfatter Marit Emilie Buseth

  • Den store kaninbog (2014, dansk utgave), forfatter Marit Emilie Buseth

  • Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care (2014), forfatter Marit Emilie Buseth og Richard Saunders


Ren medisinsk litteratur:


  • Textbook of Rabbit medicine (first edition), forfatter Frances Harcourt Brown (2002)

  • BSAVA manual of Rabbit Surgery, Dentistry and Diagnostic imaging, forfatter John Chitty and Frances Harcourt-Brown (exact title and year to be confirmed)

  • BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Medicine, forfatter Anna Meredith and Brigitte Lord (exact year and title to be confirmed)

  • Notes on Rabbit Internal Medicine (2006), Richard Saunders og Ron Rees Davies.


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